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Episode six, "AKA You're a Winner!" is a winner (I didn't lose sleep coming up with that line). For me, it was the best episode of the series so far, and made me glad I didn't give up after my issues with last episode...

  • Drama!
  • Action!
  • Romance! (without graphic sexual content!)
  • Kilgrave: He has always been scary, but now his character is getting interesting! (turns out the comic spelling is 'Killgrave,' but the show is 'Kilgrave'--apologies for my previous misspellings)
  • Payoffs: A lot of previous set up paid off in this episode, which made this episode very entertaining and satisfying

Cons...I got nothing.

P.S. Luke Cage is fabulous in this episode, and finally convinced me that he should have his own series (which is in the works).

Did I mention these episodes have pretty great titles? Episode 5's is "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me." This episode had the highest highs and lowest lows for me. Overall it was excellent, but there is one thing that I don't like about this series...(you can probably guess)...

  • Backstory: Five episodes in seems to be a better time for flashbacks! We have a lot more reason to care now, which makes Jessica's past more meaningful to the viewer. I think it's a great way to treat a super hero origin.
  • Killgrave: We finally get more than a tease of our villain! His influence is everywhere, but it is satisfying--and scary!--to finally get some decent screen time with David Tennant's character. I love how his plan/motives are still very mysterious.
  • Take that!: Our heroes finally got the upper hand on Kilgrave--first time ever!

  • I complain once again: I am really bugged by the sexual content in this series. This episode has the most unnecessarily graphic scene yet. I'm okay to know that characters have sex, but I'd rather not know the intimate details. Plus, this particular scene was also unnecessary for the story. Bleh.

Of course, despite my reservations, I'm a super hero junkie, so I'll continue I a dummy?

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Molly S S McLaughlin, aka flamesstorming, is an artist and writer from Canada. Her writing is excellent, and I especially enjoy her poetry. I'm only sharing a bit of it, but she has a lot more poetry and other writing on her Deviant Art page. I would say that writing is her specialty, but I'm also very fond of the photography she posts. Flamesstorming is great at capturing the beauty of nature. I'd love to see even more photography from her (hint, hint). She also posts some digital art at times, so I highly recommend visiting her gallery and seeing all she has to offer!

You can find flamesstorming at

Here is a selection of pieces by flamesstorming that I admire:

Bad news: this was another setup episode.
Good news: it was still very watchable and interesting. There were some twists I didn't see coming, but I did call the big reveal at the end (which made me feel smart). This episode had many of the same pros from previous episodes, so I won't repeat those.

  • Character development: This was a good episode for both Jessica and Trish's characters. Some of the other supporting characters are getting more interesting and becoming more involved in the story as well.

  • More set up: This was a good episode, but after the highs of episode 3, I was hoping to continue the forward momentum, but Jessica (and the viewer) is left in the dark again about Killgrave and his plans.

Just as I'd hoped, things got dramatic! Even better, most of the story beats that were set up have been played out, and now I have no idea where things are going next (I like that)! We also got the character development I was asking for, so this episode was really a win for me!

  • Hero v Villain: Jessica and Killgrave finally come face to face! I love the Marvel movies, but few of them have villains near as interesting as the ones in Marvel's Netflix series. Killgrave is terrifying, and I'm dying to see more of him!
  • Backstory: We get a few more concrete details about Jessica's past that put things into better perspective,which make this episode...
  • Emotional: This one has more of the emotional punch I liked about the first episode.
  • Supporting cast: Luke and Jessica's relationship is starting to make more sense. I still wish we knew more about Luke, but we're getting there. Along with Cage, Trish Walker is also from the comics, and it was nice to get to know her better in this episode--she's tough!

  • Sex: Part of the emotional punch of the story (and authentic to the comic), but I still wish the sex scenes could be more discrete. I think we could get the point without the details.

Despite being a slower episode, I think episode 2 has more going for it than the previous episode. It's not quite as emotional as episode 1, but the plot and character development move in the right directions...

  • Krysten Ritter: She seriously nails this role! Her acting is absolutely impressive and carries the show.
  • Jessica Jones: So physically strong, but her circumstances drive her to use her mind a lot more than her muscles. She has even better reasons to keep people out than Peter Parker! Jones is a really great character.
  • Fight scene: The fight scene was satisfying! Jessica got to use those 'guns!'
  • David Tennant: I didn't know you could be so nasty!

  • Supporting cast: They're getting more interesting, but the supporting cast still needs a more development. Luke Cage is starting to win me over--I do think he is cast perfectly. However, the power saw moment, which was wonderfully dramatic, made me question: did he bring that thing with him? Weirdo. (Possibly the door guy left it? Did I miss something?)

  • Set up: As enjoyable as I found the details, this was mostly a set up episode. There are excellent moments, but this episode lacked conflict. I hope something dramatic happens next episode!

I watched episode 1 of Jessica Jones today, and decided to post a mini-review. I'm not familiar with the Jessica Jones comics, so this from the perspective of a newcomer to the character.


  • Krysten Ritter: Plays the title character brilliantly, very nuanced
  • Jessica Jones: Physically powerful, emotionally damaged, Jones is interesting and relatable
  • Excellent villain: We haven't even met David Tennant's character yet, but his presence is huge and terrifying--a perfect foil for Jessica's powers
  • No origin story: We get enough info, but we aren't stuck in the past--that story will come out naturally with time


  • Predictable plot: I love what this episode sets up, but despite the plot being satisfying, I saw it all coming
  • Luke Cage: Clearly a nice guy, but I feel like the only reason his character is interesting in this episode is because we know he is Luke Cage--after some fleshing out, I'm sure his character will jump to the 'pros' list
  • Sex: Clearly, sex is an important part of this story and leaving it out would neuter the story big time, still, I felt the main sex scene was more graphic than necessary

Episode 1 is a promising start to a realistic (as realistic as the Marvel universe can get) portrayal of super heroes and villains. This episode isn't ground breaking, but it's solid, and seems to be setting up a very emotional, epic, and habit-forming television show!

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María Cristina, the deviant artist known as Azifri, is someone I've been following on Deviant Art for years. She is from the United States, but I believe her first language is Spanish. Azifri does many different types of art, including comics that she posts in both English and Spanish. I love her drawings and paintings a lot! They have a beautiful fantasy-world feel to them. As good as her traditional art is, her photography is just as great! She has an impressive eye for finding and capturing the beauty in places and things; plus, it helps that she has travelled all over the world! Thanks Azifri!

You can find Azifri at

Here is a selection of pieces by Azifri that I admire:

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ShinyGazza, a.k.a. Gazterra, is a versatile artist from New Zealand. As a big fan of Pokemon myself, I absolutely love Gazterra's original Pokemon designs ("fakemon"). They have a very professional look to them, and fit the style of real Pokemon very well. He is a talented digital artist, but is also skilled in traditional media. Gazterra's designs are brilliant--and not only for Pokemon! Visit his Deviant Art page and see a whole lot more!

You can find ShinyGazza at

Here is a selection of pieces by ShinyGazza that I admire:

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Jesse Console, or 'gooicide' as he is known on Deviant Art, is an artist from the United States. He prefers creating traditional art (as does yours truly), and is very talented at pencil drawing. His art is very imaginative and full of feeling. I am often surprised at the wonderful ideas and strange view of the world that Jesse has. It is a pleasure to follow him on Deviant Art, and I look forward to his next impressive piece!

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Here is a selection of pieces by gooicide that I admire: