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This is it: the final episode. It wasn't my favorite episode, but it was good overall and was a fairly satisfying ending.

  • Characters: Almost every major character from the show got some satisfying screen time, and it didn't feel forced or overstuffed
  • Wrap up: Most of the important story threads were tied up or acknowledged, leaving me reasonably satisfied with where everything ends up

  • Underwhelming: I was underwhelmed by Jessica and Kilgrave's final showdown. There wasn't a lot to it, it didn't add any character development to either of them, it just kind of happened. We spent so much of the series being terrified by Kilgrave, but in the end he didn't turn out to be that scary.
  • Lack of drama: Most of the series' drama was played out before this episode. Most of the decisions and character development are finished...we know what everyone wants and were it's all heading. Things play out as expected, which is understandable, but it would have been more satisfying if they had amped up the tension and drama.

It really wasn't a bad ending, I was just expecting a bit more because of the show's previous high points. It could have been epic, but it settled for good (and I don't mean world changing epic, just character changing epic).

I'll post one more review with my final thoughts on the series as a whole.



05/12/2016 3:43am

I had expected a lot more drama from the last episode but it did not stood on my expectations. Actually the last episode was winding up of whole season leaving viewers with satisfaction but a bit lack of entertainment.

01/27/2017 10:56pm

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01/31/2017 8:31am

I don;t like movies where is every series is another drama. So this one is OK.

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