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This being the penultimate episode, I was expecting a little more to happen than actually did. There were good character moments, but I guess I was ready for more action after last episode. The ending gave me some of that.

  • Unexpected: I was surprised by some of the developments, and I have no idea where the final episode is going (besides some kind of inevitable confrontation)
  • Action: The action scene at the end was both exciting and emotional

  • Weaker villain: Technically, Kilgrave is more of a threat than before, but Jessica actually overcomes the biggest thing he's thrown at her by the end of this episode. That, plus Kilgrave running once again, makes Kilgrave seem like less of a threat--not the feeling I want going into the last episode. What else can he toss her way? Here's to hoping he'll pull out all the stops in the finale!
  • Lost purpose: Some of what was driving Jessica as a character is gone. That hasn't stopped her, but it has changed her. Maybe that's not a 'con,' simply part of the story? I hope she regains some of her sense of purpose again by the end of the series!



04/03/2016 3:28pm

This Netflix Jessica Jones Mini Review is interesting. It looks so good when I use to see such a review about these episodes. Let's see what happened next because I love this series.

01/24/2017 6:26am

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01/31/2017 8:33am

I'd love to read a post review after the full episode would came. Some deep analytics.

04/13/2017 10:18am

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