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Sorry to say it: this episode was a big let down after the heights of the last few episodes. It certainly wasn't bad, but the show really lost its momentum for most of this one...

  • Acting: The usual great acting by the main characters, plus some very strong performances by actors playing younger versions of the cast
  • New villain: Jessica deals with someone other than Kilgrave, leading to...
  • Action: Some awesome fighting! This show can be light on action, so it was great to see Jessica battle someone as strong as she is

  • No Kilgrave: His presence can be felt, but he's not actually in this episode at all, which is a shame after all of the screen time he had in the preceding episodes
  • Treading water: Worse than set up is: nothing happening! The first half of the episode felt like they were mostly filling time to get to the set up story beats at the end.

Happily, with only two episodes remaining, I have a feeling there won't be any more time wasting!



03/16/2016 8:55am

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