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This was The Best episode! Seriously.


  • Characters: A deep look into both our hero and our villain
  • Writing: Very dialogue heavy, which is often a con, but with writing and acting this good, it was amazing! More please!

  • Nit picking: This doesn't hurt the story at all--and it's actually one of the most powerful scenes in the series so far--but there is some video camera footage from a character's past that has some gorgeous editing and multiple camera angles...extremely unlikely given the context.



05/12/2016 6:08am

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01/31/2017 8:36am

I think they need to re-write some scenes. I know where they can get a skilled writer.

02/26/2017 7:38pm

I've never heard of this series before. But the girl with the black hair looks very familiar. I think she is from the movie "She's out of my league". She is a funny actress and very gothic. Well she is well suited for villain roles or for snobbish roles.

04/13/2017 10:20am

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