Talk to Brent:
Episode six, "AKA You're a Winner!" is a winner (I didn't lose sleep coming up with that line). For me, it was the best episode of the series so far, and made me glad I didn't give up after my issues with last episode...

  • Drama!
  • Action!
  • Romance! (without graphic sexual content!)
  • Kilgrave: He has always been scary, but now his character is getting interesting! (turns out the comic spelling is 'Killgrave,' but the show is 'Kilgrave'--apologies for my previous misspellings)
  • Payoffs: A lot of previous set up paid off in this episode, which made this episode very entertaining and satisfying

Cons...I got nothing.

P.S. Luke Cage is fabulous in this episode, and finally convinced me that he should have his own series (which is in the works).



05/23/2016 2:56am

I must say that he sure was fabulous on this episode. This post is amazing and sums up all the parts of this episode in such small text. This helps understand what was going on in that episode. Thanks for sharing it with us.

07/27/2016 10:05am

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05/02/2017 10:13pm

Jessica Jones is a Marvel Comic character. She has super power abilities like the other characters. She possesses superhuman strength and has the ability to fly. I like the way Netflix released her story. It gives an extra background of how she lives with her abilities and her relationship with other Marvel Characters like Luke Cage and Kilgrave. I recommend the series for other adults and not for the kids. It has some adult contents so I guess only adults can watch the series.

01/31/2017 8:38am

Yeah. Action with a little bit drama is what modern spectator is looking for,.

04/13/2017 10:21am

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