Talk to Brent:
Did I mention these episodes have pretty great titles? Episode 5's is "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me." This episode had the highest highs and lowest lows for me. Overall it was excellent, but there is one thing that I don't like about this series...(you can probably guess)...

  • Backstory: Five episodes in seems to be a better time for flashbacks! We have a lot more reason to care now, which makes Jessica's past more meaningful to the viewer. I think it's a great way to treat a super hero origin.
  • Killgrave: We finally get more than a tease of our villain! His influence is everywhere, but it is satisfying--and scary!--to finally get some decent screen time with David Tennant's character. I love how his plan/motives are still very mysterious.
  • Take that!: Our heroes finally got the upper hand on Kilgrave--first time ever!

  • I complain once again: I am really bugged by the sexual content in this series. This episode has the most unnecessarily graphic scene yet. I'm okay to know that characters have sex, but I'd rather not know the intimate details. Plus, this particular scene was also unnecessary for the story. Bleh.

Of course, despite my reservations, I'm a super hero junkie, so I'll continue I a dummy?



11/24/2015 2:51am

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01/31/2017 8:39am

Excellent continuation of the serial. I hope they would open the storyline more.


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