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Just as I'd hoped, things got dramatic! Even better, most of the story beats that were set up have been played out, and now I have no idea where things are going next (I like that)! We also got the character development I was asking for, so this episode was really a win for me!

  • Hero v Villain: Jessica and Killgrave finally come face to face! I love the Marvel movies, but few of them have villains near as interesting as the ones in Marvel's Netflix series. Killgrave is terrifying, and I'm dying to see more of him!
  • Backstory: We get a few more concrete details about Jessica's past that put things into better perspective,which make this episode...
  • Emotional: This one has more of the emotional punch I liked about the first episode.
  • Supporting cast: Luke and Jessica's relationship is starting to make more sense. I still wish we knew more about Luke, but we're getting there. Along with Cage, Trish Walker is also from the comics, and it was nice to get to know her better in this episode--she's tough!

  • Sex: Part of the emotional punch of the story (and authentic to the comic), but I still wish the sex scenes could be more discrete. I think we could get the point without the details.



05/22/2016 5:49am

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I just love this actress. So many emotion!


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