Talk to Brent:
Despite being a slower episode, I think episode 2 has more going for it than the previous episode. It's not quite as emotional as episode 1, but the plot and character development move in the right directions...

  • Krysten Ritter: She seriously nails this role! Her acting is absolutely impressive and carries the show.
  • Jessica Jones: So physically strong, but her circumstances drive her to use her mind a lot more than her muscles. She has even better reasons to keep people out than Peter Parker! Jones is a really great character.
  • Fight scene: The fight scene was satisfying! Jessica got to use those 'guns!'
  • David Tennant: I didn't know you could be so nasty!

  • Supporting cast: They're getting more interesting, but the supporting cast still needs a more development. Luke Cage is starting to win me over--I do think he is cast perfectly. However, the power saw moment, which was wonderfully dramatic, made me question: did he bring that thing with him? Weirdo. (Possibly the door guy left it? Did I miss something?)

  • Set up: As enjoyable as I found the details, this was mostly a set up episode. There are excellent moments, but this episode lacked conflict. I hope something dramatic happens next episode!



06/16/2016 6:22am

Thanks buddy for sharing the mini review of the Netflix Jessica jones the episode of the 2. After reading that, we are really getting the basic information about this new series. Hope we will like this new entertainment stuff.

01/31/2017 8:43am

How can this masterpiece pass my attention? Oh well, at least I've got something to do on the weekends.


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