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I watched episode 1 of Jessica Jones today, and decided to post a mini-review. I'm not familiar with the Jessica Jones comics, so this from the perspective of a newcomer to the character.


  • Krysten Ritter: Plays the title character brilliantly, very nuanced
  • Jessica Jones: Physically powerful, emotionally damaged, Jones is interesting and relatable
  • Excellent villain: We haven't even met David Tennant's character yet, but his presence is huge and terrifying--a perfect foil for Jessica's powers
  • No origin story: We get enough info, but we aren't stuck in the past--that story will come out naturally with time


  • Predictable plot: I love what this episode sets up, but despite the plot being satisfying, I saw it all coming
  • Luke Cage: Clearly a nice guy, but I feel like the only reason his character is interesting in this episode is because we know he is Luke Cage--after some fleshing out, I'm sure his character will jump to the 'pros' list
  • Sex: Clearly, sex is an important part of this story and leaving it out would neuter the story big time, still, I felt the main sex scene was more graphic than necessary

Episode 1 is a promising start to a realistic (as realistic as the Marvel universe can get) portrayal of super heroes and villains. This episode isn't ground breaking, but it's solid, and seems to be setting up a very emotional, epic, and habit-forming television show!



03/02/2016 10:36pm

Well Jessica Jones is a better super heroine than wonder woman, i have read all comics related to Wonder Woman but it didn't seems to be so much interesting, but Jessica Jones have some potential.

06/20/2016 3:04pm

Get the mini review of the Jessica James in tis post that could be remove. How I know that, well actually I was just gassing that on the principle of that what is not possible in this world, especially in this time in were we are leaving.

01/31/2017 8:43am

Excellent plot twists and casting. Just great!

02/01/2017 7:42am

I enjoyed the first episode. It was nice to see Brian Michael Bendis' creation come to life in the small screen, even tho this character is only fifteen years old, which isn't very long for a comic book character. Meaning there isn't much of her history to flesh out and as a Marvel fan I'm just disappointed they haven't shown part of her origin story where she goes to the same high school as Peter Parker, but I'm excited to see this rendition of Jessica Jones as well as seeing her being a member of "The Defenders" which includes Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.


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