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Whatsername027, or Izi, is an artist from the United States that I follow on Deviant Art. She has great pencil skills and does a lot of fantastic black and white work. She has only posted a few colored pieces so far, but I think she has a brilliant eye for color as well! Whether it is a finished piece, doodles, or fan art, I enjoy Whatsername027's art every time I see it!

You can find Whatsername027 at

Here is a selection of pieces by Whatsername027 that I admire:



05/10/2016 8:29am

Drawing and making portraits of human faces is my passion and it is my reason for reading this article right now. I also have a collection of my creative pencil sketches that i have made few years ago. And these pictures are so perfect and it must be created by a very good artist.


nice blog

01/31/2017 8:45am

He has some good works. But lots of work need to be done.


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