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This number two in my series of artist features! You can find them at and
Sleyf is a somewhat mysterious illustrator I met on Deviant Art. I don't know much personal information about her, but she is an excellent artist! Sleyf's style is very distinctive. She's is quite good at both digital and traditional art. When you visit her page, you'll see a lot of fantasy art. I love how her illustrations always seem to tell a story. I especially like the way Sleyf draws people and animals. Sleyf is very professional and very talented!

You can find Sleyf at

Here is a selection of pieces by Sleyf that I admire:



These are so amazing pencil sketches and it look very natural. All these pictures are saying about their artist and the abilities of this great artist are clearly visible here. There are many great artists in this world who made their best pencil sketches and presented their amazing work to their viewers.

05/20/2016 10:57am

fantastic blog

01/31/2017 8:46am

the colorful mask is amazing. the best of his works!


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