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ShinyGazza, a.k.a. Gazterra, is a versatile artist from New Zealand. As a big fan of Pokemon myself, I absolutely love Gazterra's original Pokemon designs ("fakemon"). They have a very professional look to them, and fit the style of real Pokemon very well. He is a talented digital artist, but is also skilled in traditional media. Gazterra's designs are brilliant--and not only for Pokemon! Visit his Deviant Art page and see a whole lot more!

You can find ShinyGazza at

Here is a selection of pieces by ShinyGazza that I admire:



02/24/2016 11:56am

Gazterra's original Pokemon designs are really so cool. They are so much fascinating and depicts the thinking of a unique mind.

03/11/2016 2:14am

Featuring Shijiazhuang is amazing art creature by a great man. His achievement is truly appreciating.

03/23/2016 5:37am

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