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This is the first of my series of artist features! You can find them at and
Mutant Comix, a.k.a. James Johnson, is a digital comics artist who works out of New York City. His big projects his horror web comic series. Dead Tree is already complete, and Mutant Comix is ongoing. He specializes in digital artwork, and I thoroughly enjoy his kinetic, brightly colored style. If you enjoy the gritty word of horror comics, mixed with mutants and robots, you shouldn't miss out on Mutant Comix!

You can find mutantcomix at and

Here is a selection of pieces by mutantcomix that I admire:



06/07/2016 5:24am

These type of mutant and cartoons are really looked great and amazing and I think that a lot of people will enjoy after reading your article. Thanks for sharing these type of extra ordinary things. You done well to share this article with us.

01/31/2017 8:47am

He has a nice skill in portrait painting that needs to be developed.


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