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María Cristina, the deviant artist known as Azifri, is someone I've been following on Deviant Art for years. She is from the United States, but I believe her first language is Spanish. Azifri does many different types of art, including comics that she posts in both English and Spanish. I love her drawings and paintings a lot! They have a beautiful fantasy-world feel to them. As good as her traditional art is, her photography is just as great! She has an impressive eye for finding and capturing the beauty in places and things; plus, it helps that she has travelled all over the world! Thanks Azifri!

You can find Azifri at

Here is a selection of pieces by Azifri that I admire:



04/07/2016 11:25am

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01/12/2017 5:07am

01/31/2017 8:44am

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02/23/2017 8:47pm

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