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PictureAdam, the main character of TANTUM GRAY
Issue 1 of TANTUM GRAY, a comic book written by Steven Walters and drawn by me, is online today! You can download and read it for FREE for a limited time, and I would be so happy to hear what you think of it--especially the artwork! Visit this link to download the pdf file:
Tantum Gray #1 download



06/16/2014 8:52pm

It was great! I can't wait for the next issue. Are print versions going to be available?

06/16/2014 9:44pm

Thanks Tyson! I'm glad you liked it! We are working on a print version, so I'll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, it would be awesome if you had time to write a quick review on the site where you downloaded it! (But I'll still be your biggest fan even if you don't!)

07/17/2016 2:04pm

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07/19/2016 3:33am

Oh yay finally this comic book is available and uploaded. I was looking forward to check this out from a long time of period so bundle of thanks for making it available and permitting to download too. I will give you my remarks on it soon.

02/11/2017 10:54am

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