Talk to Brent:
I'm back! Last week kind of got away from me as far as this blog is concerned! For Monster Monday I drew a steampunk mechanical version of the Pokemon Vaporeon--one of my personal favorites. I'll be painting it in the future, but for now you can enjoy it in black and white glory!

Several of you have requests coming up--here is a list:
  • Tues--Ron Swanson for Rachel
  • Wed--Canyon for Tyson
  • Thurs--Mustang for Blake
  • Fri--Lunar Nights Fan Art for Mark
  • Future Fridays (or other days they fit)--Gundam Fan Art, Dino Riders Redesign for Tyson



03/04/2014 3:50pm

Very nice.

04/25/2016 8:33am

This one is amazing. I just love the way how you incorporated mechanical aspect into this Pokémon, also the shading is great. I would like to make a request. Can you draw dranzer from Beyblade for me. Thanks for the share.


I love the idea that you've put a lot of twists in Vaporeon's character. Literally, this character is one of the strongest and all Pokemon fans love Vaporeon. But among its family, it is Flareon and Jolteon whom I love the most. Eevee is the youngest among the family, and she is the lovelier, but these two of my favorites are both lovely and powerful at the same time! Featuring them and making an artwork of them matters for me a lot!


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