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My brother Mark and I are huge fans of the Nintendo DS game Lunar Knights! It's seriously one of the best games ever! Mark requested this as a Fan Art Friday feature, and it just so happens that yesterday was Marks birthday. So yeah. Happy birthday!

After looking at my list of art projects, I've decided to stop taking requests for daily sketches during March. I'll still be posting sketches here now and then, and I'll still update anyone who cares



03/11/2014 2:48pm

I haven't ever played that game, but this fan art is pretty fantastic.

03/17/2014 3:31pm

Awesome, thanks Brent! I've been too busy and not checking your site often enough! Anyways yeah, Lunar Knights is an awesome game, which unfortunately no one seemed to notice.


Happy birthday, since my childhood I love to enjoy the birthday parties. The special day which marked in the calendar. the birthday is your special day, which filled with your happiness, smile, presents and everything you ever wished for. So happy birthday Mark…! hope this is your best birthday.

07/30/2016 5:07am

The birthday is the special day of everyone’s life. And everyone likes to celebrate it with different ideas. I remember that my parents like to give different surprises on my each birthday. That day always gives me a lot of pleasure, because we can get many gifts on that day.

02/23/2017 8:46pm

Omega Aqua Terra 'GoodPlanet' watch with a solid titanium material for grade 5, and the use of blue as the design elements, including the blue hour markers, Omega logo and triangular arch blue pointer, more white paint Surface for background, make design more prominent.

05/01/2017 2:34am

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