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I'm a little slow at posting Tuesday's drawing, but here it is! I'm slowly drawing and painting my friend Shannon's five children (this is my third of the five pieces). I based this on a photo taken by Shannon. Her kids are darling and her photography is great! You can check out her work on deviantART.

I won't be posting a pic here for Watercolor Wednesday today. However, if you need a watercolor fix, I have posted the watercolor version of Monday's monster drawing (steampunk Wartortle) here!



07/30/2016 2:53pm

I love to admire the artist work. They can blow their emotions with the beautiful piece of artwork. This one is simple and cute. without hurting and complaining the artist can curve the world in a beautiful place to live. It doesn’t matter, it is watercolor or not, do the same good job.

04/10/2017 7:16pm

I envy you for being so good at drawing stuff like this. I really wish I had the same skill like this. I would like to draw my friend's faces and their children's faces as well. Is this something hand drawn? Or you have used a computer or laptop, maybe? Well, whatever it is, you are still awesome and that will never change my dream of becoming an illustrator someday.

12/19/2016 3:47am



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