Talk to Brent:
Here is my second mechanized Pokemon! Steven suggested I try Wartortle next, and I'm pretty happy with my version of him. I made his head look a little more like a real turtle. I'll be adding some watercolor to this piece tomorrow. Stay tuned to either my facebook or deviantART pages as I will be posting the colored version in both of those locations.

I spent a lot of my day working at the library, so I didn't draw anything besides Wartortle. However, I did do a bunch of research for upcoming pieces, and tomorrow I should have lots of time to draw!



02/04/2014 7:59am

I'm not a pokemon fan, but that is a really neat version. :D I love your ink work so much!

02/05/2014 1:39pm

Thanks a bunch!

05/11/2016 2:37pm

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I am a biggest fan of pokemon cartoons. They have been my favorite cartoon series from the start and this new look of wartortle is very creative. You should defiantly share them with cartoon network. It will be a great idea.


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