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For Tangible Tuesday, my friend Devin requested I design a steampunk outfit. I am also entering a contest on deviantART to design a costume for the Final Fantasy character, Lightning. are some ideas for my Lightning steampunk outfit.

I would love any opinions or comments! I'll be doing the final picture tomorrow, so if you want to give me your two cents, do it now!



02/19/2014 6:06pm

Personally, I like the outfit on the left the best, but I like the collar, goggles, and arm stuff of the one on the right. I also don't like the wings on there. The wings themselves are cool stylistically, but I tend to think wings on costumes are kinda dumb in general.

02/19/2014 7:18pm

Tyson, thanks for your opinions! I agree with a lot of what you said. I even would usually agree with you about the wings, but it seems like something the FF guys would like (I think they over-design a lot of their characters lately) and I want my entry to stand out from the hundreds of others as much as possible. If it were my character, I would ditch the wings---so I'm saying you're right, and I'm just choosing to do it wrong!

Also, I'll be posting your Sandslash pic sometime tomorrow!

02/19/2014 9:43pm

Yeah, I guessed as much with the wings. They would totally fit with the FF style, I just haven't liked much of the character designs since FF8, although FFXII was pretty toned down. And in FFX, Auron's outfit was awesome and Lulu's belt skirt was one of the coolest things ever.

In other words, I totally get keeping the wings for the contest design. But I'm glad to hear that you are on my side about them. :)

02/19/2014 9:50pm

Also, I'm looking forward to the Sandslash. And I have some suggestions for future drawings in some of the categories.

I know I already requested the FanArt Sandslash, but something from Gundam Wing, or any Gundam show really, would be awesome. For Tangible Tuesday, I'm not sure how detailed or difficult you want it, but it would be cool to see a picture of a pirate ship. For Watercolor Wednesday, I would love to see a picture of Bruce Canyon, or any beautiful vista really. So, just some suggestions.

05/11/2016 1:06pm

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