Talk to Brent:
Late is better than never! This is a watercolor I did of the Pokemon Sandslash for my cousin and good friend Tyson. I tried some some different techniques with it, so that's my excuse for the elementary school student look it has! Hopefully you like it anyway!

I also ended up taking Tyson's advice about the wings on my Final Fantasy design. I decided to make the wing into a shield to give it some purpose in the design. Thanks for the great advice! I love how my design turned out, and you can see the final result here.

I'll have Friday's post up tomorrow! Stay tuned!



02/21/2014 1:08pm

Awesome! I just might have to pay you for a print of this Sandslash to have in my office.

Also, I think your design for Lightning is amazing. Good luck in the contest. And I approve of moving the wings to the shield. :)

02/21/2014 1:34pm

I'm happy you like both of the pieces! Your opinions were really helpful for the Lightning design. I probably wouldn't have come up with the shield without you!

How about I give you the original painting of Sandslash for a belated birthday present? I totally meant to give you something but it never happened!

02/22/2014 11:58am

I would not be opposed. Thanks.

Also, another idea for Fan Art Friday or Theme-less Thursday: Dinoriders. Images of the original characters or a modern re-imagining as if they were going to make a live-action movie of them. (Which would be totally awesome.)

Keep up the good work. I always enjoy the great things that you come up with.

05/10/2016 10:28am

You are right that the late is better then the never because in this way the people can be alive and otherwise they cannot able to feel good. I hope that the people will enjoy after reading these type of great articles.

02/05/2017 2:30am

Your work is better than the pieces being displayed on high end galleries in our area. Your concept is really unique. I have seen a lot of artists do it, but I have never seen anyone do it better than you. Sanslash is immortalized here. I didn't know he can be viewed like that. Thanks for inspiring us to do the same. We should all work harder so we can come up with something unique like this one.

08/10/2016 2:50am

I like your artwork! You are very talented. Nice result.


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