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I wasn't exactly going for creepy, but she may have turned out a bit that way! This is my version of a naiad. Missvirginia (one of my biggest fans) requested this one. I think this naiad is also kind of cute, but the drippy hair and water might have too much in common with horror movies. I'll have to play around with naiad designs again in the future.

Tomorrow I'll be posting some Mega Man X fan art, so come back soon!



02/24/2014 7:54am

She is cute! This is definitely different from other ones I've seen, most people tend to make them very idealistic, but I kinda like barrenness of her. Nice job!

11/05/2017 8:06pm

Wow! This is such a great art work. I admire people who love to create different kind of art works. They express their selves in a way of arts. They are the most mysterious people that I love to observe. Artists are very deep person that they express their feelings, passion, interests and opinions in the way of art. Artists aim to change the perception of people’s mind into positive one and she allows the viewers to look on its brighter side. Thank you for sharing this with us!

05/23/2016 1:45pm

Naiad is the unique plant having flowers and fresh water is required. It is the plant with the beautiful and glorious flowers for the promotion. It is the worth watching it.

08/14/2017 12:08am

I am sure that MissVirginia is so happy that you granted her wish. Your version of Naiad is so beautiful. It doesn't have any color yet but blue, but your artwork is already striking. You are a great artist! I've been following your website for a couple of months ago and there's nothing I can say but you are a great artist and I am sure that there's a bigger world ahead for you!


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