Talk to Brent:
Tangible Tuesday's request was for a pirate ship. I didn't have time to draw an entire ship in the hour or so that I give myself for these sketches, but I am happy with what is here. I hope you like it Tyson! I have your Watercolor Wednesday request in the works!



02/26/2014 11:06pm

This is impressive. I'm even more impressed hearing that you've done all of these in about an hour each. Great work!

03/04/2014 2:37pm

Niiice. You got it right on.

05/11/2016 2:14am

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07/09/2016 5:59am

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07/31/2016 11:55pm

Do you really have my Watercolor Wednesday request in the works? It's very nice :))

02/09/2017 6:22am

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