Talk to Brent:
Scott and Amanda requested Cinnamon Bun from Adventure Time "looking super hardcore" for Monster Monday. I don't know if I quite got to "super hardcore," but he is kind of creepy looking (I wouldn't eat him). I drew this with ballpoint pen and crayons--lots of fun!

Special thanks to those of you who have made requests! I have several more in the works; here is a list:
  • Tues--Pirate Ship for Tyson
  • Wed--Canyon for Tyson
  • Thurs--Ron Swanson for Rachel
  • Fri--Lunar Nights Fan Art for Mark
  • Future Fridays (or other days they fit)--Gundam Fan Art, Dino Riders Redesign for Tyson



02/25/2014 2:23pm

Another great one. And I hope I'm not hogging all of the projects. You just said you needed ideas and I brainstormed a bit. But I am looking forward to the next week of drawings.

02/26/2014 1:51pm

No worries! I'd much rather have lots of requests than not enough! Just don't be sad if I take a while to get to some of them!

02/25/2014 11:20pm

This is the greatest thing ever! Sorry we didn't give you much to go off of.

02/26/2014 1:52pm

It was fun! I can make him more monster-y next time if you'd like--I wasn't sure exactly what you wanted!

02/26/2014 12:21pm

Love it!

02/26/2014 1:53pm



Children are very sharp to draw cartoon and scary pictures. Cinnamon Hulk is also a character that is famous among kids. I was also used to paint these kind of stuff in my early childhood.


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