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So this is what I decided to draw for Monster Monday: a mechanical version of one of my favorite Pokemon, Nidoking. I'm going to paint him tomorrow and post in on facebook and deviantART--and it will look even better! I think I may draw some other Pokemon as steampunk creations as well...



Steven Walters
01/28/2014 2:17pm

This.... is so freaking cool. I say Wartortle should be next.


From my memories to my brain, that I don’t think so that the pokey moon is looking like such that horrible. Please make yourself correct that, is this a really version of pokey moon. Before feeling the colors in it you should have to confirm that.

06/15/2017 11:10pm

Wow. This is so cool. Nidoking looks so strong here.It's like the monster version of this Pokemon character, and I am loving it! You really have a talented mind and hand that when you combine it, the result would be always excellent! Can I have a simple request? Can you make a monster version of Meganium? It's my favorite Pokemon character and I would love to see an artwork featuring her!


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