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As requested by Trisha: Jim Carrey in his tuxedo from Dumb and Dumber. I based this off of a screenshot from the film. Erika said I probably spent too much time on this piece--mostly she thinks the paint is too beautiful for the subject matter--but I assured her it was worth it!

Tomorrow is "Theme-less Thursday," and you can request absolutely anything you want (within reason). I'd seriously love any and all suggestions! Just post them in the comments below!



Trish Walters
01/23/2014 5:17am

This has made my day complete - it is pure perfection. You captured his supple behind and his flawless haircut, you are a master painter. I thank you for the time that was spent on this magnificent piece of art.


When I was a kid, I actually dreamed of being a comic book artist. I thought it's just about drawing and sketching, but no, a good sequence of story is required. I have done two short comics when I was in High school, for a school project. I believe there is still a chance for us to improve. Just keep practicing. Good luck to you!

04/27/2016 2:10pm

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I have search many more blog but first time i am reading about the ink and water color paining. It is very unique art ad it is not easy to do with water color. Because it is need to experience to control the water color.


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