Talk to Brent:
Hello! The recent holidays wreaked havoc on my "daily blog" thing, but here I am again!

Thanks to everyone who has been commenting on these posts! It means a lot to me! To the right you will see one of my recent doodles. I also finished a piece for a contest yesterday that I posted on deviantART--just click here to see it.

In the spirit of making this blog worthwhile to more people than just me, my question for today is: What can I change and/or add to these daily posts that will make them more worth your time?

Thanks a ton!



01/04/2014 10:50am

As long as you include some art in your post, I'm completely fine with these. Your questions have been fun too, I like fangirling. XD

01/11/2014 10:25am

Thanks! These are great suggestions, and so far you're the only one to answer! There will definitely always be art, and I like the questions too. I just wish more people would answer them, so I may not post a question every time. I have a new post coming today to tell you what I have decided to change!

05/31/2017 8:46pm

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