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(I just saw why that isn't a commonly used acronym!)

Besides showing off this lovely doodle of mine, I wanted to clarify the request process for my sketches:
  • You may request a sketch for any category at any time--it doesn't have to be the day of.
  • Multiple requests on any category are fine--don't feel bad if someone beat you to it. I will either save your request for the next week or use my twisted imagination to combine requests.
  • Leave your request as a comment on any post and I will sketch it as soon as I can!



01/27/2014 7:19am

I want to be able to draw in ink like that. :3

One of these days it might be nice if you could draw the Joker in some way. :D He might look cool for watercolor Wednesday.

01/27/2014 11:52am

Awesome! Is there a certain version of the Joker you would like?

01/29/2014 1:42pm

Definitely the 90's animated series version. :D

01/27/2014 9:46am

For a Fan Art Friday picture I want you to do a mash-up of the Ninja Turtles and Samurai Jack! Because both are awesome and it would be fun to see them together.

01/27/2014 11:53am

That is the best idea I've ever heard!

08/08/2016 6:33am

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