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I couldn't find a good way to combine all of the monster requests, so I did two pics for Monster Monday! The first is my version of a Baku haunted elder tree for Devin, and the second my scary version of Cookie Monster for Steven (I also added Ian to this one as requested by Rachel on my facebook page). I know the Cookie Monster is kind of twisted, but I did base his pose off of a Goya painting!

I was slow at posting this week, so we'll skip right to Watercolor Wednesday as far as requests go. Let me know what you want in the comments below!


Jeff "I am your father" Hill
01/17/2014 8:25pm

My Son. You are sick and twisted in a wonderful way.
I love your rendition of Cookie Monster.

01/21/2014 9:01am

I thought I recognized Cookie Monster's pose! That Goya painting is a creepy one. Isn't it the birth of Saturn or some such? I know it had to do with some mythological diety's birth or death...I think. ^^;

01/25/2014 1:37pm

Yes Father, I am a bit twisted, but I'm glad you think it's wonderful! You should, since I'm sure I got it from you!

I think the painting is called "Saturn Devouring His Son."

02/05/2014 3:54pm

I can't believe I only just saw this! Nice job with the Baku! Love the ears. I hope you had fun reading about it and the tree lore.

02/12/2014 10:08am

I'm glad you like it! I did enjoy reading about it, and I'll have to revisit the concept again--I like the basic idea of this drawing, but I think it can be even better!

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