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Apologies for the delay in posting (and +100 points to anyone that actually noticed!). I didn't get time to do any art on Wednesday, but Thursday was productive. I inked two pages for Tantum Gray--one of which was those panels I posted last week that caused me so much trouble. Here you can see the final inked version, and I'm very happy with it!

Fake Fact of the Day: 23% of auto-corrections are not condominium.



04/15/2016 1:04am

Great work my dear it’s a good drawing I hope you have enjoying while sketching it. This is a good combination of pencil and watercolors colors. Such type of drawings I always enjoy them. Please post some more stuffs like this.

05/09/2017 10:34pm

It's okay to take a break from drawing once in a while. In fact, we all actually need to rest for us to be more productive. Your artworks are just consistently amazing. I really love the little details that you always add in all of your artwork. I think that's the best part of your unique kind of style and technique in drawing. Thanks for sharing this one of a kind panels. Keep updating us with all of your amazing artwork.

01/25/2017 2:45am

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