Talk to Brent:
I finally had time off to do a bunch of art today! Things didn't go as fast as I'd hoped, but that happens sometimes. I nearly finished two pieces for friends--they just need some paint. I didn't finish with the pencils on any of my current comic pages (but I promise you Steven, they will be done tomorrow!).

I had a fantastic time drawing this wasp/dragon! It was designed by my friend SageFillyLuna from deviantART. I'm going to watercolor it, so I'll post the final version on DA (deviantART--you probably didn't need me to tell you that) in a few days. You can see the original design here: SageFillyLuna at deviantART



04/08/2016 10:06am

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04/17/2017 7:58pm

Your hands are truly a gift from God! Take care of that, and everything will pay off soon, I promise. This wasp looks really scary. That means, you have made a very successful artwork. I congratulate you for that. Also, let's give credit to SageFillyLuna for this is his idea. Develop your talent and always be humble. Keep drawing impressive artworks!


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