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I did some painting this morining and then I got to: the comic pages. Usually that's a good thing, but there's this sequence in Tantum Gray that I just haven't been able to get right. It's a smaller kid flipping a huge kid over onto another bully. I've drawn it at least twenty times (probably more), but it never looks quite right.

After spending about 3 hours obsessing the same problem, Erika finally offered to act it out with me. She saved me! I did not want to go to bed without figuring this out! No one was actually flipped, but Erika helped me figure out a natural way it could have happened. I put my drawing of those panels here, and as long as Steven likes it I'll do a final version for the comic. It was a pain, but also a great feeling to finally make it work. Hopefully you agree? Does it make sense? Does it look plausible?



Artists are always make these type of pictures in their life because they have the talent and the courage to make these beautiful art designs. I would love to learn these skills in my life. All the artists are always my favorite and the way you done this article it is also very good.

05/22/2017 11:39pm

We all have different insights and visual sense when it comes to art. Some people are more in details and the others are more into the message of the painting. We all know that we have different ways to express art to people, we always wanted them to appreciate and realize what an artist is trying to explain. Art is full of emotions, the true feelings of an artist. What he/she is experiencing in life could be interpreted to an art. Thank you. I like your blog.

04/22/2016 12:39am

Nice looking sketches, but you chose a tough situation to draw that’s why you try it twenty times. Say thanks to your Erika who helping your to sort it out your problems. Nice art you should draw some more works.

05/04/2017 10:09am

Committing mistakes are natural in an individual's life so it is okay at least you were able to do your best. You are lucky that someone helped you in your art problem and is able to saved you from drawing the comic over and over again. I am not an artist, but every time there is an activity in class that needs it, I make sure that I am able to draw the sequence correctly but I also encounter problems like you do. Unfortunately, I do not have someone to help with my problems so I end up settling for an outcome that will do. Be thankful that Erika is there to help you actually not just her, but everyone who helps you in your times of need.


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