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Apologies for the delay in posting (and +100 points to anyone that actually noticed!). I didn't get time to do any art on Wednesday, but Thursday was productive. I inked two pages for Tantum Gray--one of which was those panels I posted last week that caused me so much trouble. Here you can see the final inked version, and I'm very happy with it!

Fake Fact of the Day: 23% of auto-corrections are not condominium.





It was a good morning for art! I did the pencils for a Tantum Gray page, and my plan is to have issue 1 completely done before 2014--which is completely possible! I also had time to draw this beautiful critter, so today was a win! Sadly, tomorrow I'm working an extra library shift, so my Wednesday art will be a bit more sparse.

Fake Fact of the Day: 1 in 7 blog titles do not exist.

I got a good amount of art finished today, considering I only had a few free hours! I did the pencils for a Tantum Gray page, and also drew this little guy! He is the son of my friend Shannon. She has five phenomenally cute kids and she's also great at photography! I'll be adding watercolor to this in the future, which I'll be posting on deviantART. You can also see a bunch of Shannon's photographs on DA as well:

Fake Fact of the Day: 7 out of 10 artists wear cartoon character underwear. Just ask 'em!

I did some painting this morining and then I got to: the comic pages. Usually that's a good thing, but there's this sequence in Tantum Gray that I just haven't been able to get right. It's a smaller kid flipping a huge kid over onto another bully. I've drawn it at least twenty times (probably more), but it never looks quite right.

After spending about 3 hours obsessing the same problem, Erika finally offered to act it out with me. She saved me! I did not want to go to bed without figuring this out! No one was actually flipped, but Erika helped me figure out a natural way it could have happened. I put my drawing of those panels here, and as long as Steven likes it I'll do a final version for the comic. It was a pain, but also a great feeling to finally make it work. Hopefully you agree? Does it make sense? Does it look plausible?

I finally had time off to do a bunch of art today! Things didn't go as fast as I'd hoped, but that happens sometimes. I nearly finished two pieces for friends--they just need some paint. I didn't finish with the pencils on any of my current comic pages (but I promise you Steven, they will be done tomorrow!).

I had a fantastic time drawing this wasp/dragon! It was designed by my friend SageFillyLuna from deviantART. I'm going to watercolor it, so I'll post the final version on DA (deviantART--you probably didn't need me to tell you that) in a few days. You can see the original design here: SageFillyLuna at deviantART

This guy isn't quite finished, but I had fun drawing him in blue ballpoint pen! Today was a busy day since I agreed to work an extra shift at the library. That was good for my bank account, but bad for art.

Today's big news is that Steven and I sent our comic book submission to Dynamite Entertainment! Our book is good, but neither of us has been published before so getting in with a big publisher is a bit of a long shot. However, we won't know if we don't try! Hopefully we'll hear back from them within the month!

Hi, I'm Brent. I am an illustrator and part-time library assistant. I'm working to become a full-time illustrator, and I'll be using this blog to keep track of my daily efforts towards that goal. I'll do my best to post every weekday (M-F), unless there's a holiday and I'm busy eating turkey.

Besides an update on my artwork, I'll also post daily drawings and doodles. This post features one of my unplanned doodles. (You can probably tell which part I started at church and which parts I finished later.) I enjoy beginning a drawing without a plan and seeing where things go--usually somewhere weird!

My current big project is a comic book called Tantum Gray. It's a unique super hero story written by the talented Steven Walters. I'm still finishing pages for the first issue, but we've done tons of concept work and Steven has over 20 issues written. We sent in a proposal to Image Comics last month, but it looks like they're not interested (we haven't heard back from them yet).

I'm meeting with Steven later today to discuss our next plan of action, so I'll keep you posted on when and where Tantum Gray will someday be available. And in the future I'll try to be less wordy in my blog posts! Thanks for your time!