Talk to Brent:
Thanks for stopping by! I've been working hard on two different projects over the past few weeks and they're taken up most of my focus and free time.

I currently only have a few more pages to finish on Tantum Gray issue one. Of course, I'm just doing the inks, so you'll still have to wait a while to see the final pages with the colors and words. Still, I'm very excited--I've bee working on this for many months and drew about half of the issue before I decided to redraw it all. It was a lot of work, but it's so awesome!

I've also been working on some fan art for Erika to hang in her office from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I have finished all of the ink work and just have to paint them now. I decided to post the three pieces in three different places, so if you want to see the other cards, visit my facebook page and deviantART page!

          J. Brent Hill on facebook              jbrenthill on deviantART

My brother Mark and I are huge fans of the Nintendo DS game Lunar Knights! It's seriously one of the best games ever! Mark requested this as a Fan Art Friday feature, and it just so happens that yesterday was Marks birthday. So yeah. Happy birthday!

After looking at my list of art projects, I've decided to stop taking requests for daily sketches during March. I'll still be posting sketches here now and then, and I'll still update anyone who cares

I love typos! I think Tyson wanted a picture of Bryce Canyon (a very beautiful place in Utah). However, since you wrote "Bruce Canyon" I had to incorporate some Bruce Wayne into this scene of Bryce Canyon. Enjoy!

Also, go see colored Steampunk Vaporeon!

Rachel requested Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation looking manly! This was drawn with ballpoint pen and I added a manly quote from Ron himself.

I have more requests coming up this week, but you're welcome to start making requests for next

I'm back! Last week kind of got away from me as far as this blog is concerned! For Monster Monday I drew a steampunk mechanical version of the Pokemon Vaporeon--one of my personal favorites. I'll be painting it in the future, but for now you can enjoy it in black and white glory!

Several of you have requests coming up--here is a list:
  • Tues--Ron Swanson for Rachel
  • Wed--Canyon for Tyson
  • Thurs--Mustang for Blake
  • Fri--Lunar Nights Fan Art for Mark
  • Future Fridays (or other days they fit)--Gundam Fan Art, Dino Riders Redesign for Tyson